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Malbec is rich, dark, and juicy. Although Old World Malbec is often blended, Malbec has found its fame in South America as a varietal wine.

This wine features notes of blackberry, clove and smoke with bold tannins.

Argentina is world-renowned for its Malbec wines. A unique irrigation system flows water from melting ice caps in the Andes through a series of ditches and canals into reservoirs used by grape growers. Due to the high altitude and low humidity of the main wine-producing regions, Argentine vineyards rarely face the problems of insects, fungi, molds and other grape diseases that affect vineyards in other countries. This allows cultivating with little or no pesticides.

Malbec is excellent with leaner meats. Turkey, pork, and chicken are natural pairings. For cheese, choose provolone, mozzarella, Swiss, or blue. Avoid vinaigrette salads and white fish.

Dry | Medium Oak | Full Body | 13.5% abv

This 10L wine kit makes 23 litres of wine. We recommend a 6-week schedule.

Reserve is the successor to the former Selection series from Winexpert.