Water'n'Wine Truro

Craft winemaking - how does it work?

Getting started with craft winemaking is easy and fun. Get ready to enjoy a drink personalized to your tastes, and save money at the same time!

Choose your wine

Choose from a portfolio of over 200 wines sourced from around the world. From Chilean Malbec to Australian Chardonnay, there is a whole world of wine here to discover.

Make it yours

Work with our winemaking team to dial it in to your needs. We can adjust alcohol content, sweetness, oak levels, flavour profile, and more.

Let the magic happen

Sprinkle the yeast to start the fermentation. We'll take it from there. Over the next four to nine weeks, we'll turn your custom creation into your new wine.

Package and enjoy!

Once your wine is ready, drop in to package it and take it home. Choose from a variety of packaging options from the traditional corked bottle to the bag-in-a-box.

Save on Wine
Our clients save up to 70% on wine compared to the liquor store price.
1 Million & Counting
We've made over a million bottles of wine for our clients. Let our experienced team craft something for you to enjoy.
100% Guarantee
We stand behind what we make. If you're not completely satisfied with the results, we'll refund your purchase or make you something else.

What does it cost?

Depends on the wine, but you'll always save compared to the liquor store. Take a look at some of our products to get a general idea. Here's one of our most popular wines as a point of reference. Our team would be happy to provide a quote tailored to you.

How much wine do I get?

Most of our recipes are based on a 23-litre batch size. That's 30 standard bottles.

How long should I age my wine?

Less time than you think! Many styles are good to drink right away. Most styles start to come into their own within 1-3 months. Very heavy red wines will improve for up to a year.

We encourage you to try your wine periodically. It's fun to experience it as it evolves with time. Some people even prefer younger wine, which tends to have more expressive acidity.

Wine does not improve indefinitely with age! While some aging will mellow out the acidity and allow beautiful flavour notes to emerge, wine can certainly get too old. With good storage conditions, you can expect 2-3 years of shelf life for most styles.

I'm ready to jump in. How do I get started?

Your best bet is to visit us at the winery for a quick consultation. We'll chat about your favourite wines, and what you like to drink, and make recommendations from there. No appointment necessary!