Why Make Craft Wine?

Convenience. No more last-minute trips to the wine store. You'll always have great wine on hand for every occasion.

Value. Quality wine at a fraction of the price. Craft winemakers save up to 70% compared to liquor store prices.

Fun. Discover new wines, bottle with your friends, and meet new wine enthusiasts just like you.

What do you get?

Most of our products make 23 litres of wine. That's thirty standard 750mL bottles.

What does it cost?

Wines vary in price, but you will always save compared to buying by the bottle. Our wine team can recommend products to you and provide a quote upfront.

Typically the cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Cost of ingredients. The wine kit is question. This is the price on each wine that you can see on our website. There is no HST charged on ingredients.
  • Winery service. We charge $50 to make the wine in our facility. This includes fermentation, racking, stabilizing, and filtration, as well as your wine corks and sanitizing your bottles.
  • Packaging costs. If you don't have empty bottles at home, you'll need to purchase something to put the wine in. The most popular options are wine bottles and wine bags (think boxed wine). Packaging prices for various options are available to view on our website.

What's involved?

It's never been easier to enjoy small-batch craft wines. Simply visit our urban winery in Truro, choose your wine, and we will make it for you according to your personal tastes. In a few weeks, you will return to package it up (which is quick and easy!) and take it home to enjoy.

I have more questions. How do I get more information?

Hit the chat button, or email info@truro.wine, or give us a call at (902) 895-2266. You are also welcome to check out the winery anytime inside the Fundy Trail Centre on Robie Street. That's the mall in-between Sobeys and Staples.