Water'n'Wine Truro

Twisted Mist 2024

$79.99 CAD
$79.99 CAD
$79.99 CAD
$79.99 CAD

Truro's urban winery.

We've been making exceptional modern wine styles in our Truro winery since 2012. What sets us apart? A state-of-the-art facility, an award-winning winemaking team, and a passion for personalized wine experiences.

Our Winery

Your wine. Your way.

At Water'n'Wine, your wine is crafted to your taste. We can adjust alcohol content, sugar levels, add tasting notes, and so much more.

With experienced winemakers and a food scientist on staff, we're ready to craft exactly what you're looking for.

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Inside the Fundy Trail Centre

68 Robie Street
Truro, Nova Scotia