Our winery is anything but traditional.

You won't see enormous steel holding tanks here, or industrial machinery. Instead, you'll find hundreds of individual stories. Each small batch crafted to the needs and tastes of our clients.

The back-end of the winery is separated into two rooms: primary fermentation, and secondary fermentation.

Primary fermentation is where the magic happens. The temperature is kept warm to encourage healthy fermentation, as the yeast convert grape sugars into alcohol and other flavour compounds. Your wine spends about two weeks here until primary (i.e. alcoholic) fermentation is complete.

Secondary fermentation is a place of refinement. The yeast is done making alcohol, and is now busy converting other . We wait for 2 to 6 weeks as the yeast does its final work and the solid matter drops out by gravity.

Then the wine is ready to be filtered and tested before being packaged by you!

Winery, image of wines in carboys