These Wine Poke re-fill bags come with a dispenser tap, are pre-sanitised, and ready to fill. Each bag holds approximately 4.5 litres. Order 5 bags to hold a 23 litre batch of wine.

Remove the black tap from the bags and fill through the hole, using standard siphoning equipment (racking tube, hose, pinch clamp, and bottle filler). Siphon approximately 4.5 L into each bag. Do not overfill the bags or they will be more difficult to load into the dispenser.

When full, replace the black tap, pushing it tightly into the neck of the bag. Make sure the tap is snapped in all the way!

If necessary, squeeze bag slightly holding it by the tap (with the tap open) to remove air space.

Load into your Wine Poke and position the nozzle for dispensing.

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