Allows you to clean and/or sanitize all types of bottles. From PET beer, wine, champagne bottles to test jars, samplers, PET carboys, growlers, gallon jugs and more!

Easy to assemble, it is a breeze to use and clean. It also acts as a versatile addition to the top of a bottle drying tree with no adaptor required. May also be used independently on any flat surface.



   -Comes with an adapter so the PET carboys will fit and can be sanitized(any container up to 55mm in the neck diameter.)

   -Will take all types of bottles (PET beer bottles, wine bottles, champagne bottles)

   -Use the versatile adaptor to easily sanitize a variety of sizes and shapes, including test jars, easy Siphons, samplers and more.

   -Will fit on top of bottling drying tree with no adaptor required. Can also be used on any flat surface.

   -Size is perfect to sanitize growlers and gallon jugs.

   -BPA free.

*Not recommended to sanitize large glass carboys.



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