Italy's complex Trebbiano Chardonnay draws inspiration from the opulent and iconic world of Baroque art.

Just like Baroque is characterized by detailed ornamentation and intricate compositions, Trebbiano Chardonnay, part of the Restricted Quantities 2024 collection, delivers crisp citrus flavours that are meticulously complemented by floral notes to create a luscious and stunning treasure.

Sip this carefully crafted white blend and let yourself be transported to the streets of Rome, where the beauty of Baroque and the charm of the Trevi Fountain harmonize to create an unforgettable experience for both the senses and the imagination.

This limited-released wine delivers crisp citrus flavours meticulously complemented by floral and herbal notes to create a luscious and stunning treasure. A stunning compliment to Italian cuisine including portobello bruschetta, Linguine alle Vongole, and roasted chicken risotto.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

This 14-litre wine ingredient kit makes 23 litres of wine. Includes 30 labels and shrink seals.

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