Suitable for California Common and lagers fermented at ambient (ale) temperatures.

A unique lager strain that has the ability to ferment at ale temperatures without the associated off-flavours. Extended lagering periods are also not required.

Technical Characteristics

Strain Classification Sacchoromyces cerevisiae
Recommended Temperature Range 64-68°F (18-20°C)
Attenuation 77-82%
Flocculation Rate Medium-High
Compaction Medium-High
Viable Yeast Cells 50 billion cells per 10g package
Dry Weight 93-96%
Wild Yeast <1 per million cells
Total Bacteria <1 per million cells
GMO Status GMO free

Observable Traits

Aroma Chacteristics

California lager yeast produces a clean lager aroma without the associated sulfur. This yeast is perfect for most kinds of lager.

Flavour/Mouthfeel Characteristics

California lager yeast produces clean and crisp lagers. This yeast is excellent for producing anything from a hoppy pilsner to a helles, allowing excellent malt and hop character to be expressed.

Higher Alcohol Beers

This yeast is not designed for fermenting over 8.5% abv.

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