A popular ester-producing strain that works well in difficult fermentation conditions. Used in all kinds of wines, and especially well-suited for fruit wines, ice wines, and aromatic whites.

Lalvin ICV K1-V1116 was initially isolated in 1972 by Pierre Barre of the INRA Montpellier. When fermented at low temperatures (below 16°C) and with the right addition of nutrients, Lalvin ICV K1-V1116 is one of the most floral ester-producing yeasts (isoamyl acetate, hexyl acetate, phenyl ethyl acetate). These esters bring fresh, floral aromas to neutral varieties or high-yield grapes.

Among the high ester producers, Lalvin ICV K1-V1116 is the most resistant to difficult fermentation conditions such as low turbidity, low temperature, and low fatty acid content.

Lalvin ICV K1-V1116 is a proven strain for the fermentation of ice wines. It can also be used for rosé or red wines.

  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Competitive factor K2
  • Alcohol tolerance up to 18%
  • Particularly short lag phase
  • Moderate fermentation rate
  • Very large range of fermentation temperatures (10°C to 35 °C)
  • Low production of hydrogen sulfide
  • Low to average nitrogen requirements
  • High oxygen requirements
  • Low production of volatile acidity
  • Average sulfur dioxide production
  • Low foam formation
Lalvin K1-V1116 Montpellier Wine Yeast