$260 (all-inclusive)

Qty available: 41

A limited-time release from Essence and Twisted Mist! This refreshing wine-based cocktail features refreshing strawberry purée and a delicious Prosecco base.

  • Wine base: Twisted Mist Strawberry Bellini
  • Sweetness: semi-sweet
  • Alcohol content: 6.5% abv
  • Form factor: 355mL (12 oz) sleek can. Think White Claw or Vizzy. Not the little 250mL cans like LUVO or Nova 7.


A comparable Bellini at the NSLC costs $15 per 750mL (or $20 per litre).

Essence Strawberry Bellini costs:

  • 60 cans: $250, or $11.73 per litre (41% savings!)
  • Pricing is all-inclusive.

How It Works

The usual ferment-on-premise regulations apply: visit the winery, start the fermentation, and return to package your product when it's ready. Expect about 6 weeks between your two visits. When you take the product home, it will be cold, carbonated, and ready to drink.

Your first visit is just for paperwork and will take about 5 minutes.

Your second visit is for packaging and will take 60-90 minutes.