Beer flavour gets funky when your tap, line and faucet are filled with beer stone. You do NOT want to share that with your friends!

Ideally you want to clean your lines after every keg, but at the very least cleaning them a few times a year (2-3 months) will keep your brew pouring fresh. Our Draft Cleaning Kit comes with a 1 gallon hand pump that pushes Beer Line Cleaner through lines from the bottom to the top., allowing you to leave the solution in the line for 15 minutes at a time (or longer!).

Connections are for Sanke fittings.  Can easily be changed to MFL swivel-threaded connectors or barbed connectors.

  • Shut off your CO2 regulator.  Untap the keg and remove the beer line from your keg coupler (keep the washer on the coupler).
  • Attach the beer line to the coupler, making sure to keep the O-ring on the beer line (or solution may leak).
  • Mix sanitizing solution with water into the tank, do not overfill the tank.
  • Pump the pressurize the tank (5 strokes), put pitcher under faucet/tap
  • Open the tap briefly until solution comes out
  • Close the tap
  • Let the line sit full of sanitizer for minimum 15 minutes
  • Open the tap and flush all the sanitizing solution throughout the line until tank is empty
  • Rinse the tank and fill with clean warm water.  Flush the line with the water
  • Repeat if needed.
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