Single stroke action draws a syphon without disturbing sediment.  Requires 5 to 7 feet of 7/16" hose for operation. The 1/2" model is larger than the standard 5/16" model, allowing for faster siphoning but slightly more liquid left behind. Pick up a 1/2" auto-siphon clamp to secure your auto-siphon to the container.

There are a few ways to rack your brew, but perhaps the easiest, most flexible and most sanitary way is by use of auto siphon. It consists of a racking cane with tubing on one end, with the other end housed within a racking tube.

The auto-siphon takes the concept of a normal siphon, which utilizes atmospheric pressure and gravity to its advantage, and adds automation by allowing you to start the whole process without having to create a vacuum by old-school means, like sucking on one end to get things flowing (which risks contaminating the beverage).

As far as quality-of-life upgrades go, it's hard to beat the value of the auto-siphon.

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