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Amarone is an Italian blend of Corvina, Rondinella, and other grape varieties. The wine grapes are partially dried in a process called appassimento before pressing. This concentrates the sugars and flavours in the juice, resulting in a very bold and flavourful red wine.

The aroma is rich with dark fruit and spice. The flavour is full and complex, with notes of cherry, plum, mocha, dried fruit, and warm oak. Expect a firm, lingering finish. Overall, the wine is ripe and full-bodied, with high alcohol and low acidity.

Veneto is a world-renowned wine region in north-eastern Italy. Grapes for Amarone wines are produced in the warm Adriatic coastal plains, river valleys, and in the zone around Lake Garda, Italy's largest lake. The Alps to the north protect Venetian grapes from the harsh European winters.

We recommend pairing Amarone with heavy Italian dishes like lasagna and risotto. It's also great with steaks, burgers, roast beef, and duck. Amarone is an excellent high-end cooking wine, especially for braising meat.

Dry | Heavy Oak | Full Body | 14% abv

This 14L wine kit makes 23 litres of wine. Contains grape skins for added body and flavour. Includes 30 labels. We recommend an 8-week schedule.

Private Reserve is the highest-quality offering from Winexpert, equivalent to the former Eclipse line.