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A Bordeaux wine is any wine produced in the Bordeaux region of southwest France. Generally these wines are red blends made with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, although other grapes are often used. Regardless of the blend, you can expect a smooth, elegant wine worthy of any special occasion.

Our version has the following tasting notes: plum, black currant, and red berry notes delight the senses. The experience continues with warm spice character, subtle cedar and chocolate. Smooth and silky from start to finish.

The Languedoc-Roussillon wine region is the single biggest wine-producing region in the world, with a tradition traced back to the fifth century BC. The growing conditions in France are such that they can grow a wide range of grape varieties harvested with the perfect balance of sugar and acidity.

A broad variety of food pairing options are suitable. Beef, pork, chicken, and duck are all great proteins to pair with Bordeaux. For cheeses, we suggest manchego, white cheddar, or provolone. When cooking, choose herbs and spices like black pepper, oregano, rosemary, cumin, or coriander.

Dry | Heavy Oak | Full Body | 14% abv

This 14L wine kit makes 23 litres of wine. Contains grape skins for added body and flavour. Includes 30 labels. We recommend an 8-week schedule.

Private Reserve is the highest-quality offering from Winexpert, equivalent to the former Eclipse line.