Hose sold per foot.

This high quality EVABarrier tubing has a double wall design that takes advantage of EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) and proprietary polymer to produce a superior tubing that is ideal for Duotight and other Push In fitting setups.

Thanks to the unique dual walled design this tubing provides protection against oxidation, Co2 loss, and microbial growth. It is also BPA, PVC, and Plasticizer free. The tubing is translucent with a cloudy appearance.

The outer barrier is made from EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) material which is both strong and pliable allowing it to be bent without having to worry about kinking the line. Having the tubing be extremely kink resistance, coupled with the strong exterior makes this the best tubing to be used with Duotight, John Guest, DM Fit, and other brands of Push In fittings.

The inner barrier is made from a proprietary polymer which provides superior protection against against oxygen exposure, as well as Co2 loss. Having this additional protection for your beer lines helps ensure that your beer stays as fresh as possible, not losing carbonation as quickly as with other draft lines. The inner walls are incredibly smooth which makes it difficult for bacteria and other microbes to grow on inside surface of the beer lines.

Meant to be used with 5/16" OD (8mm) Duotight (Push In) fittings and other brands of Push In fittings.

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