"I only like dry wines" 🤔

Eric Jackson

Wine is a complex and diverse beverage that can be appreciated by many palates. However, some people often have the wrong impression that they do not like any sweetness in their wine. The truth is, they might have only tried wines that are cloyingly sweet and unbalanced, leading to a negative experience.

Many wine drinkers associate sweetness with cheap and low-quality wines. However, this is not always the case. There are many high-quality wines that contain a small amount of residual sugar, which adds a touch of sweetness to the wine, creating a well-rounded and harmonious flavor profile.

Residual sugar in wine refers to the sugar that is left unfermented after the wine-making process. The amount of residual sugar can vary greatly depending on the type of wine, ranging from almost zero to several grams per liter. In general, wines with a low level of residual sugar are considered dry, while those with a higher level are considered off-dry or sweet.

Wines with a touch of residual sugar can be a delight for those who are looking for a balanced and harmonious wine. The sweetness helps to soften the acidity, tannins, and alcohol, creating a smooth and rounded mouthfeel. For example, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer are known for their delicate sweetness, balanced acidity, and fruit-forward flavor profiles.

Another benefit of residual sugar in wine is that it can enhance the flavor of the food that is being paired with it. Sweet wines can complement spicy and savory dishes, providing a contrast to the heat and flavors. For example, off-dry Riesling pairs well with spicy Asian cuisine, while Moscato is a perfect match for fruit-based desserts.

Wine drinkers who believe that they do not like any sweetness in their wines should not be discouraged. Instead, they should explore wines with a touch of residual sugar and discover the many benefits that this type of wine has to offer. Whether it's the harmonious and balanced flavor profile or the food-pairing opportunities, wines with residual sugar can provide a unique and enjoyable wine-drinking experience. So go ahead and give them a try, you might be surprised by what you discover!

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