Brewing large batches of beer can be really time-consuming. There are a lot of reasons why home brewers need to install a ball valve or spigot to the brew kettle. It allows home brewers to transfer the hot wort to another container without the need to pour it. Without the ball valve, home brewers need to pour the entire content of the kettle to another container which not only increases the likelihood of spilling the precious liquid but also getting scalded by it.

The ball valve allows home brewers to connect it to a dip tube and a screen to completely separate the wort from the hops, thus omitting the painstaking process of filtering the hops. It can also be used with a hopback or inline chiller for ease.

This Blichmann 3-piece stainless steel ball valve is made from 304 stainless steel thus it is resistant against rust and corrosion. The handles are also insulated for extra protection especially when handling the hot kettle and liquid. It comes with a lock handle to prevent any spilling accidents. Moreover, this feature also ensures good flow control.

This ball valve can be attached using 1/2" NPT fittings. It also disassembles fast for easy clean-up and sanitation. The ball valve is designed to be compatible with different types of brew kettles and wort pumps.
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