Interested in having your own made for you? Visit us to redeem your tag for $20 off your first batch with us.

How it Works

1) Pick your wine

Our team of our experts can help you select a wine that fits your needs. With hundreds to choose from, there's something for everybody!

2) Wait patiently (or with great anticipation)

We'll take 4 to 9 weeks to make your wine for you, depending on the style.

3) Come in and collect it!

We'll contact you when your wine is ready. Re-visit us to package your wine in our state-of-the-art facility.

Because wine made in ferment-on-premises facilities is not subject to alcohol tax, you'll save up to 70% of the cost of wine compared to liquor store prices.

Sound good? Visit us today to get started.

We're located at 68 Robie Street in Truro. That's inside the Fundy Trail Center next to Sobeys.