In-Store Wine Making

Choose your wine and let us handle the rest! Your wine will be made with filtered water, stored in a temperature-controlled facility, and filtered to make it crystal-clear. We’ll give you a call when it’s ready for you to bottle. Bottling takes ½ hour or less per 23 L batch. We’ll wash your bottles too!

Looking for more variety? We also offer beer and cider made in-store.

In-store winemaking

Personalized Labels

Personalized wine labels are a great way to make your wine your own without breaking the bank. Perfect for weddings, family reunions, gifts, and countless other occasions.

Bottle Washing Service

Cleaning bottles is time-consuming and not much fun. Take advantage of our bottle washer, which sanitizes 30 bottles in about 5 minutes. It accommodates most standard wine and beer bottles.

Please ensure that bottles are label-free and clean to the eye (no mold, debris or other foreign matter).

Online Ordering

Order products online for delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup.

Brewing Seminars

Are you interested in making alcoholic beverages at home? We can teach you how to make your first batch. Contact us to schedule a brewing seminar.

Filter Rentals

Your wine can (and should!) be crystal-clear for serving. We rent out vacuum filter units overnight or for the weekend. These filters not only remove sediment, but also degas your wine for optimal flavour and presentation.

Corker and Capper Loans

Wine corkers and beer cappers can be borrowed free of charge.