Water'n'Wine Truro

Enjoy significant savings compared to retail.

In Nova Scotia, 65% of the sticker price of wine is due to taxes. Small-batch craft winemaking is not subject to liquor tax.

Typical savings calculation

The best-selling wine in Canada is Apothic Red. The NSLC sells a 3-litre box of Apothic for $68.99. That's $23 per litre.
An equivalent blend with similar packaging at Water'n'Wine would cost you $229.69 for 23 litres. Or $9.99 per litre.
And remember, you don't have to do the winemaking.

Equivalent wine is Winexpert Reserve Enigma packaged into Wine on Tap 7.5-litre system. All-inclusive price. Based on June 2023 numbers.

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Our clients save up to 70% on wine compared to the liquor store price.
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We've made over a million bottles of wine for our clients. Let our experienced team craft something for you to enjoy.
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