Please read this before visiting for CO2 fills.

CO2 filling is now available on site!

Currently we are able to fill tanks with CGA 320 valves (typical CO2 cylinders used for draught beer), as well as SodaStream canisters.

Please be prepared to leave your tank overnight for service.

Only completely empty tanks can be filled. This is an important safety measure.

Draught Cylinders

Please note that tanks are filled based on tank pressure equalization rather than forced transfer. We don't have the sophisticated filling equipment that a welding shop would have. That means that sometimes you won't get a complete fill. For example, a 10 lb cylinder will typically fill to 9 lbs. We only charge for the gas that we manage to fit into your tank.

The current rate for CO2 is $4/lb.


We fill SodaStream cylinders for $5.