If you like your wines big, bold, and red, Nebbiolo needs to be on your radar. Powerful, full-bodied, and tannic, this wine is in-your-face and unapologetic.

Earthy and floral notes add depth to the cherry and red fruit character of this intense red. Firm tannin's with solid structure result in a wine with a big personality.

Piedmont boasts a rich cultural and winemaking history going back to the Middle Ages and is home to Italy's most revered red wines. Located at the foot of the Alps, the region's hilly landscape is lush with valleys full of vines with many sunny slopes reserved for the prized Nebbiolo grape. The continental climate sees long, hot summers but thick morning fogs commonly roll through the valleys bringing cooler air. This rhythm of rising and falling temperatures slows the ripening of the Nebbiolo grapes, resulting in aromatic wines high in acid, alcohol, and tannin.

Big, flavourful wines demand big, flavourful food pairings. The high tannin's of Nebbiolo are best when paired with fatty foods. Steaks, especially fatty cuts, are perfect. So are sausages, duck, and pork shank. Avoid spicy foods because the heat is multiplied by the high alcohol of the wine. As an Italian red, all of the classics apply here too: lasagna and spaghetti are excellent choices. For cheese, choose a good parmigiana reggiana o a pecorino.

Dry | Heavy Oak | Full Body | 14% abv

This 14L wine kit makes 23 litres of wine. Contains grape skins for added body and flavour. Includes 30 labels. We recommend an 8-week schedule.

Private Reserve is the highest-quality offering from Winexpert, equivalent to the former Eclipse line.

Winexpert Private Reserve Nebbiolo - Piedmont, Italy