The Grainfather All-in-One Brewing System

The Grainfather All-in-One Brewing System


  • $1,099.99

The Grainfather is a revolutionary all-grain brewing system, a true game-changer. It takes the best brewing practices from craft breweries and puts them in a simple to use, all-in-one system to ensure that anyone can brew a professional-grade craft beer, no matter their brewing experience. It is made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel with a 30 L capacity, designed to make up to 23 L of beer at a time.


Electric Brewing

The Grainfather is electrically powered and designed to be used indoors. No need for burners, hot plates, or propane systems. Just plug in and go! It is fitted with a controlled heating element so that the correct power can be used depending on what stage of the brewing process you are at. A gentler heat is used during the mash for accurate temperature control and to minimize the risk of scorching. After the mash, it can ramp up the heat to reach a vigorous boil.

Control Box

The control box manages temperatures and wort re-circulation to ensure a high quality wort and batch consistency. No need to insulate the mash tun or constantly check the mash temperature - it's all handled by the machine.


A 6 Watt, 1800 RPM magnetic-powered pump has been fitted to re-circulate the wort through the grain bed for maximum brewing efficiency.  It is also used during the cooling stage to pump hot wort through the wort chiller. The pump also makes cleaning a breeze by pumping cleaning detergent through all the pipe work. 

The magnetic drive pump has been selected after rigorous testing of multiple pump style to ensure it meets the tough demands required of continuous brewing. A pump filter is fitted inside the Grainfather to prevent hops and stray grain from entering the pump or pipe work, keeping the wort clear and preventing blockages.

Grain Basket

A stainless steel expandable grain basket allows you to brew with 4.5 to 9 kg of grain. The fitted perforated plates and telescopic pipe work allow you to easily adjust the size of the grain basket to suit the size of the grain bill. When ready to sparge, a basket lifting handle is inserted into the grain basket to lift it up out of the wort. A 45 degree turn then allows the grain basket's feet to rest of the specially designed support ring to allow the grain basket to drain while you batch sparge over the top.

Counter Flow Chiller

A counter flow chiller has two connection points. One side is connected to the Grainfather, while the other is connected to the cold water tap. The hot wort is then pumped through the copper inner coil while the cold water is pumped through the outer coil in the opposite direction, providing instant heat exchange and cooling. The cooler wort is then pumped directly into your fermenter. With our chilly Canadian ground water, you can cool your wort from boiling to fermenting temperatures in a matter of minutes. This reduces the risk of contamination and maximizes the aroma and flavour from your late hop additions.


The Grainfather is fully supported by a fantastic support team that loves brewing as much as you do. The Grainfather team can be contacted for any technical inquiries on brewing or the operation of the machine. The Grainfather comes with a 24 month warranty from the manufacturer. Water'n'Wine also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, but no one has chosen to return one yet. It's just that good.

You can also turn the Grainfather into a water purifier by adding the Still Spirits Alembic Pot Still Attachments.