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Part of the RJS Craft Winemaking Restricted Quantities 2021 program. Available in April 2021.

Expect the unexpected when The Wheel of Fortune appears. You are invited to try new things: go with the flow. Embrace this good fortune. Destiny is yours. Open The Wheel of Fortune. Accept and cherish its energy. Share the joy with others. It will return to you: what goes around comes around.

Tasting Notes

Berry and floral aromas combine with hints of spice and delicate sweetness for a light, yet crisp, flavourful finish. Explore notes of strawberry, rhubarb, honeydew melon, rose petal, and citrus zest. The wine is on the cusp between dry and off-dry, with refreshing acidity and a very small amount of perceived sweetness.

Food Pairings

Enjoy with lighter fare, charcuterie, salads, Caprese pasta, or seafood.

Unoaked | Medium-Bodied | Off-Dry

This 18-liter wine kit contains a style-specific yeast strain for added flavour. Makes 23 liters of wine. Includes labels and shrink seals.

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RQ "The Wheel of Fortune" Rosé - France