This unique, spectacular, and ancient Spanish performance is rooted in many cultures, yet has survived all odds in Spain. La Zambra's Monastrell will seduce you, and fan your passion with its ruby flush and earthy flavors. La Zambra is set to enthrall - to charm at every celebration, striking perfect harmony with an intensity that cannot be denied! 

Tasting Notes

Fragrant aromas of black cherry and candied fruit are present in this medium-bodied, dry wine, with an earthy, and herbaceous finish.

Food Pairings

Perfect with grilled Spanish chorizo, migas, and aged cheese like manchego, or iberico.

Medium Oak | Medium-Bodied | Dry

This 14-liter wine kit contains a style-specific yeast strain for added flavour. Makes 23 liters of wine. Includes labels and shrink seals.

RQ 2022 "La Zambra" Monastrell - Spain