The newest iteration of the Robobrew is a perfect entry point for those looking to take their first step into all-grain brewing or for seasoned brewers looking for a simple, easy-to-use electric setup. With the Robobrew you can brew from scratch without the expense and extra equipment needed for traditional home brewing setups. All you need is this system and a fermentation pail. Compared to other units on the market this one makes no sacrifices to quality while being nearly a third of the cost of similar systems on the market.

The latest version that has several improvements over previous versions to improve usability.

  • Revised circuit board
  • New "Easy Dump" handle makes cleaning and emptying the unit even simpler
  • New vented bottom increases airflow through the base reducing stress and wear and tear on internal components
  • New "Easy Grip" feet further increase ventilation and stability of unity
  • New rocker switches for elements and pump with increased water resistance
  • Added internal insulation helps decrease heat loss through the base of the unit speeding up your boil and decreasing power consumption


  • Dual elements that combined provide 1500W of heating power. Can be plugged into a regular 110V kitchen outlet.
  • Magnetic-drive pump to recirculate and transfer the wort.
  • Easy to use, and easy to clean grain basket for removing grain after the mash so the boil can begin.
  • Digital Control Panel with simplified buttons and a large LCD Display. Features delay timer, and is completely water-proof.
  • Stainless steel immersion chiller for cooling the wort after the boil. Hoses and attachments for the chiller are not included - accessory kit available.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • 35 L (9 gallon) capacity
  • Digital control panel
  • 110V power and plug
  • 1500W of heating (500W & 1000W dual elements)
  • Stainless steel ball valve as optional drain port
  • Internal volume markings
  • Tempered glass Lid with handles
  • Magnetic drive pump
  • Recirculation arm with Camlock connections
  • 1-year full warranty


Brewing demo (YouTube)

Instruction Manual (PDF)

RoboBrew Brewzilla V3.1 All Grain Brewing System - 35L