$64.99 $74.99

Available in March 2022 in limited quantities -- order now to guarantee availability.

Our charming new limited release Orchard Breezin’ Goji Berry Tea Temptation features tantalizing flavours of ripe and juicy blackberries, tangy superfood goji berries and soothing herbal notes of black tea making this rosé a daring little sipper.

Perfectly timed for spring’s awakening, and ready to drink in just 4 weeks! Pair it with a fresh quinoa salad, a robust charcuterie or a zesty lemon salmon pasta. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

Medium Sweet | 7.0% abv

This 5.4 liter wine kit makes 23 liters of wine.

Orchard Breezin' Goji Berry Tea Temptation
$64.99 $74.99