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New England IPAs have gained traction as a mainstay of the craft beer scene. The hazy light color and massive amount of late-addition hops create a delicious beer oozing with hop flavor and aroma. Now, it’s time up the ante, and this deck is stacked. This beer is packed to the brim with hops and bursting with massive flavors and aromas of tangerine, orange, pineapple, mango, slightly resinous pine, and sweet hard candy.

40 IBU | 6% abv

Standard brewing equipment is required. For extract kits, a stock pot or kettle (at least 14 litres) and a large straining bag are recommended. Additional equipment is necessary for all-grain brewing. Bitterness and alcohol by volume values are estimates and will vary depending on individual brewing processes and conditions.

New England IPA Recipe Kit
$51.99 $65.99