Anticipated release - April 2020

The Wine

This exciting blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, and Grenache creates a wine that is truly outstanding. The dark berry flavours from the Cabernet blance nicely with the forward spiciness of the Shiraz. Pinotage, a grape varietal almost unique to South Africa, provides strong tannins and smoky, earthy characteristics.  The Grenache contributes aromas of leather and licorice.

Together these elements offer a complex, full-bodied wine that pairs well with roasted red meats seasoned with marinades or savoury herbs and aged hard cheeses.

Dry | Full Body | Medium-Heavy Oak | 14%

The Region

The Worcester region in South Africa is located approximately 100 km from Cape Town in the Breede River Valley. It is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges. The Breede River runs through the valley on its way to the Indian Ocean. The hot climate and the protection provided by the mountains combine to provide perfect conditions for high-quality, fruitful wines.

This 18 liter wine kit contains crushed grape skins for added body and flavour.

Makes 23 liters of premium wine.

LE19 Cape Blend - South Africa