$415.99 $519.99

This home brewing equipment kit is designed for brewers ready to make the jump into all-grain brewing at an affordable price point without cutting corners.


  • 8 (or 16) gallon stainless steel kettle with lid, dial thermometer, and ball valve
  • Stainless steel false bottom
  • Hose barb and 6 feet of high-temp silicone tubing
  • 72800 BTU Brewer's Best propane burner
  • 25-foot copper immersion chiller with garden hose fitting
  • 26" x 22" mesh straining bag (BIAB)
  • Heavy-duty brewing gloves

You will still need basic fermenting equipment, a regular propane tank and a packaging solution (bottles or kegs).

Brew-in-a-bag is the most economical and straightforward way of brewing all-grain beer and getting into the world of mashing and full-volume boiling. All-grain brewing gives you far greater control over flavours and body than brewing from extract does. 

Homebrewing Equipment Kit: All-Grain Brew-in-a-Bag
$415.99 $519.99