Aroma Profile

When used as a whirlpool addition or dry hop addition, HBC 586 delivers a large medley of fruit flavors associated with tropical fruits. The fruity flavors of HBC 586 has been described as mango, guava, lychee, citrus, with slight sulfur and herbal notes. Many find HBC 586 to have fruit flavors that are special and new to the world of hops.

Alpha Acids: 12.0 - 13.0%
Beta Acids: 7.5 - 8.5%
Cohumulone: 38 - 40%
Total Oil: 1.2 - 1.5 mL/100g

Total Oil Composition
Myrcene: 40 - 50%
Humulene: 14 - 22%
Caryophyllene: 7 - 15%
Farnesene: 0 - 1%

Recommended Beer Styles
Wheat Ale, Golden Ale, American style lagers, Pale Ales, India Pale Lager (IPL), India Pale Ale (IPA), Session IPA, New England IPA, Imperial IPA.

HBC 586 is an experimental hops cultivar developed by the Hop Breeding Company. HBC 586 resulted from a hybrid pollination of an unpatented female selection YCR 21 and male parent 01239-2.

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