2018 ENIGMA Type 90 hop pellets
Alpha Acid 19.0%
Country of Origin Australia

Typical descriptors don’t work very well for Enigma. Formal tasting sessions have given us interesting terms like ‘Pinot Gris’, ‘raspberries’, and ‘redcurrant’, through to rock melon and light tropical fruit. We don’t feel that any of these are really adequate, but we do know that the flavours and aromas are irresistibly appealing!

As you’d expect from one so cheeky and enchanting, Enigma is great fun to play with. A bit of a chameleon – different aspects of her enigmatic character shine, depending on how you use her.

Dry hop or add her late in the brew to maximize her flavour and aroma potential.

Typical styles Pale ales, American IPAs.

Full pounds ship in vacuum sealed bags.

Enigma Hop Pellets