Saaz is a Czech landrace that contributes significantly to the flavour profile of traditional Czech Pilseners. It is well-known for its mild, noble aroma.  Specific aroma descriptors include earthy, herbal and floral overtones.

Our Saaz hops are sourced from the Czech Republic; American-grown Saaz tends to have a harsher flavour.

Alpha Acids: 3.0 - 6.0%
Beta Acids: 4.5 - 8.0%
Total Polyphenols: 5.5 - 7% of alpha acids
Total Oil: 0.4 - 1.0 mL/100g

Total Oil Composition
Myrcene: 25 - 40%
Linalool: 0.4 - 1%

Recommended Beer Types
Czech pilsner, other lager styles, Belgian beers.

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