Cru International Baco Noir - Niagara, Ontario

Cru International Baco Noir - Niagara, Ontario

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Initially a limited release, this wine has now joined the regular Cru International line-up!

The Grape

Baco Noir, a cross between Folle Blanche (used in Cognac) and an unknown native North American variety, was discovered by French grape breeder François Baco in the late 1800s. It is widely grown in the cooler wine regions of North America because of its ability to survive harsh winters. First appearing in the Niagara region in the mid-1950s, it has since become one of Ontario's most planted and most treasured grapes.

The Wine

Baco Noir is known for producing rich, robust and darkly coloured red wines with pronounced acidity. Baco wines boast pleasantly rustic aromas with a signature smokiness. On the palate, Baco Noir excites the taste buds with lush mixed berry and plum flavours complemented by savoury herbal notes. The best Baco Noir examples are made with some oak. Aging a Baco will soften the acidity and integrate the flavours.

The Occasions

Baco Noir is best known for pairing well with any kind of red meat, from barbecue ribs and burgers to smoked brisket. But Baco Noir is not exclusively for meat lovers; it is also a great choice to serve with all kinds of pizza, or Mexican favourites like burritos and nachos.

The Notes

Niagara Baco Noir draws you in with its abundant red fruit, spice and sweet smoke notes on the nose. The full-bodied palate and long smoky finish are true to character for this unique Niagara variety.

Dry | Medium Oak | Full Body

This kit includes dried grape skins for added body and flavour. Makes 23 litres of wine.