Wine Share is an opportunity to try new craft wines without committing to an entire 23-litre batch. Instead, the batch is split five ways, with each share taking home 4.5 litres (or 6 standard wine bottles).

The cost of the share is all-inclusive; if you select "Bagged", you'll receive your wine in a 4.5 litre bag-in-a-box. If you select "Bottled", you'll receive your wine in six 750 mL bottles with corks, labels, and shrink seals.

Use Wine Share to try new styles, meet new wine friends, and discover your next favourite!

Each listing will list the product being shared, the start date, and the packaging date. 

On the start date, drop in at the scheduled time to start the wine and sign off on your share. This will take about 5 minutes.

On the packaging date, drop in at the scheduled time to package your share. This will take about 15 minutes.

Wine Share only goes ahead if at least 4 out of 5 shares are sold! You will receive confirmation by email when the quota is reached. If quota is not reached, you will be notified by email by 5PM the day before and will be issued a full refund.

To comply with federal and provincial law, each shareowner must be physically present at our winery for both dates. You must participate in sprinkling the yeast to start the fermentation, and you must package and take home your share of the product.