In-Store Wine Making

Choose your wine and let us handle the rest! Your wine is made with filtered water, stored in a temperature-controlled facility, and filtered until it is crystal clear. We'll give you a call when it's ready to bottle, which takes about 25 minutes for a 23 L batch. 

Looking for more variety? We also offer beer and cider made in-store!

All-Grain Beer Service

We offer a full selection of malts, hops and yeast for your beers. Grain milling is available free of charge. We can help with recipe design too!

Bottle Washing Service

Washing bottles is time-consuming and isn't much fun. Take advantage of our bottle washer, which will sanitize 30 bottles in only five minutes. It accommodates most popular bottle sizes.

Please ensure that your bottles are label-free and clean to the eye (no mold, debris or other foreign matter).

Wine and beer making seminars

Are you thinking about making wine or beer at home? We can teach you how to make your first batch. Call or come in to make an appointment and we will spend time with you showing you proper cleaning methods, how to use all the equipment necessary to make good wine and beer and lead you through the steps. You leave here with a bucket full of juice or wort with your batch started and ready to be finished at home.

Filter Rentals

Rent a top-of-the-line vacuum filter unit overnight or for the weekend. These filters remove sediment from your wine, not only making it crystal clear, but also degassing it before bottling.

Corker & Capper Loans

Corkers and cappers can be borrowed overnight at no charge.

Loyalty Program

We value your patronage! Purchase 10 wine kits at regular price and get 1 free. Offer also applies to Festa Brew & Brew House beer kits.