Winner - Carolyn Wier

Carolyn submitted this unique live-edge wood piece made of 60-year-old birch. We love the ease of access, and how this doubles as both a wine rack and a feature wall. Thanks for sharing Carolyn!


Honourable Mentions

Cleanest Wine Bottles - Angela Macneil

Angela's wine rack features a very creative use of kitchen space. You can bet those bottles are sparkling!


Cutest Security Guard - Michelle Whooten

Michelle can sleep soundly knowing that her wine is being watched by a protector who is equal parts alert and gorgeous.


Most likely to survive the winter - Bill Mundle

It could snow from now until next Christmas, and Bill will still be relaxing in his armchair knowing he has enough wine to get through it all.

Most Creative - Dawn Thompson

Dawn re-purposed this wooden iron board as a wall-mounted wine rack, and installed an antique steel rake head as a wine glass holder. She's an inspiration to all of us who choose to drink wine rather than iron clothes or do yard work.


A big thank you to everyone who shared their wine racks with us!


28/01/2019 Submissions for this contest are now closed.

Wine racks! Big or small, counter-top model or humidity-controlled walk-in cellar, we love them all!

Send us a picture of your wine rack and be entered to win a prize valued at $150.

We'll randomly select a winner from the submissions - one lucky person will win a free wine kit from RJS Craft Winemaking! Because a full wine rack is a happy wine rack.

Ways to submit your picture:

We'll post our favourite wine racks below and on our social media.

The deadline for submission is January 27th and a winner will be announced by February 4th. So send us your picture, and good luck!


Here are some of the submissions!