Do you have a beer recipe in mind, and you don't want to buy grains in 100 gram increments and have extra stuff laying around? Fill out the order form, with as much detail as possible, and we'll put the recipe together.

Be sure to mention:

  • If your grain needs to be milled.
  • If you're picking it up, or if you need it shipped.
  • If picking up, whether you'd like to pay in-store or have an invoice emailed to you for online payment.

Note that, to maximize freshness, hops must be purchased in increments of ounces (28 g) or pounds (454 g). We'll round up your hop order to the nearest ounce.

Example order:

6 kg 2-row
300 g crystal 45
200 g caramalt
4 oz mosaic hops
2 oz citra hops
BRY-97 yeast

Substitutions are fine. Please mill the grains and put them all in one bag. I'd like to pick this up on Saturday morning. I'll pay in-store.