Escarpment Labs - Berliner Brett I

Escarpment Labs - Berliner Brett I

Escarpment Laboratories

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We pulled this Brett strain out of a ~40 year old bottle of Hochschule Berliner Weisse. It's a survivor! This strain of Brettanomyces anomalus works well in traditional style Berliners, and anywhere subtle, refined Brett character is desired. It shows restrained funk, and the fruit profile tends toward citrus and white wine. This strain is sold in secondary pitch rates only.

Attenuation: Use a Sacc ;-)
Optimal Temperature: 18-24°C
Alcohol tolerance: 12%+
Flocculation: Medium-low

Produced in Guelph Ontario, each Escarpment Labs yeast package contains 180 - 200 billion cells, double that of most other liquid yeast brands.