Christmas in the Fall?

Eric Jackson


Let’s face it: nobody wants to think about Christmas yet. It’s only September for crying out loud! I haven’t put away my beach towels and I’m still mowing the lawn every week! But as far away as it seems, this is precisely the time of year when you need to plan your glass of Christmas cheer.

Below are our deadlines for in-store winemaking to guarantee that we can have your wine ready before December 25th. Please keep in mind that our bottling schedule will be fairly full in December and it may be harder to find a bottling time that works for you. As always, you are welcome to schedule your bottling appointment when you purchase your kit - that's the best way to make sure you get a time that works for your busy schedule.

I recommend starting your wine at least one month before the deadline to allow the wine to age for a little while in the bottle. Even one month of aging will soften the acidity and bring out better flavour in the wine.

Kit Schedule


8-week (18-litre reds)

Oct 16

6-week (18-litre whites, 16-litre wines, dessert wines)

Oct 30

5-week (12-litre wines, beers, ciders)

Nov 6

4-week (10-litre wines, wine coolers)

Nov 13